Community relations

Corporate social responsibility and community relations

As a partnership which operates worldwide, Ratio Petroleum places great importance on and is deeply committed to conducting activities which support local communities and businesses in the countries in which it operates, from social, academic-educational, and business aspects.

In Israel

Ratio Petroleum is a proud Israeli partnership and it therefore places great importance on in active involvement in the community, including by all employees. Since its founding, the Partnership been involved community volunteering on an annual basis. In recent years, our employees have volunteered, among other things, at a day center for the elderly and at daycare centers for children with disabilities.

Around the world

Seeking to integrate members of the various communities in the countries in which we operate into the industry, we, together with our partners, support the local educational and employment systems, by establishing and deepening technical-professional knowledge [of local populations], dispersing scholarships for relevant professions, employing local workers, and more.

Furthermore, we take part in projects with social importance in the countries in which we operate – such as establishing a facility for at-risk children and assisting people with physical and mental disabilities, establishing a blood bank, promoting technological, mathematical and scientific knowledge for youth, and more.

Activities in Suriname

As part of its operations in Suriname, Ratio Petroleum, together with its partners, helped to finance the new trauma room in the Academic Hospital Paramaribo in the country’s capital. The hospital serves as a central hub for emergency care in the country, and is a treatment center for approx. 60% of the population. The construction of the project took around 18 months. In addition to the renovation of the trauma room, a state-of-the-art X-ray machine was purchased which connects to the hospital’s “cloud” and allows the hospital’s various specialists immediate access to the patient’s medical status, enabling faster and more efficient diagnoses and treatments. For years, Suriname has desperately needed a modern trauma room, and we are happy that we, together with our partners, were able to make this happen.

Academic relations

Ratio Petroleum views the development of close ties and collaborations with academic institutions as an important element of its operations, and it strives to preserve and strengthen them in recognition of their value and significant mutual contribution.

Collaborations enable Ratio Petroleum to be at the global forefront of research and to also be exposed to technological developments in various relevant scientific areas such as geophysics, geology, and various engineering fields. Furthermore, collaboration allows researchers and students to be exposed to the Partnership’s operations and experience in the industry, while creating a horizon for future work in the industry, and research with relevant and useful characteristics.

Ratio Petroleum supports and maintains an ongoing relationship with leading researchers and outstanding students in a number of universities and research centers in Israel and worldwide.

Examples of collaborations with academic institutions

Haifa University

Ratio Petroleum maintains an ongoing relationship with the School of Marine Sciences at Haifa University, and particularly with the Marine Geosciences and Marine Technologies departments. The collaborations include the support and supervision of students in the doctorate track, as well as joint research with leading researchers and post-doctoral students. The joint areas of research are relevant to the operations of the Partnership, and are concurrently at the forefront of research, in areas such as modeling of oil and gas systems, specification of fault systems and deep-sea sedimentary processes, as well as advanced geophysical analyses.

Tel Aviv University

Ratio Petroleum maintains an ongoing relationship with expert research from the geophysics department at Tel Aviv University. Collaborations include advanced applications which are at the scientific forefront of seismic processing and analysis, such as pre-stack depth migration (PreSDM), methods of mapping direct hydrocarbon indicators (DHI) including AVO Fluid Factor, seismic diffractions for faults and fractures analyses and much more.

Offers for collaboration

We welcome any offer for collaboration and would be happy to maintain professional contact with researchers, students, universities, and other research facilities. For further information and inquiries, please contact us: