About Ratio Petroleum

Ratio Petroleum is a partnership with energy business orientation which was founded in 2011. The Partnership was established after the discovery of Leviathan, when the geologist and entrepreneur, Eitan Aizenberg, who has served as the SVP Exploration and Production of Ratio Petroleum since its founding, approached the Landau and Rotlevy families to establish a partnership which would engage in gas and oil exploration worldwide.

Ratio Petroleum’s strategy focuses on operating in areas where great potential is spotted and no significant petroleum discoveries have yet been made, like the Levant Basin prior to the Leviathan and Tamar discoveries. This strategy was proven in the Guyana Basin, which is currently considered one of the “hottest” locations in the world for exploration, development, and production of oil. From 2015 to this day, over from 20 discoveries in the basin have found over 10 billion barrels of oil.

At the beginning of 2021, the Partnership announced the Tanager-1 discovery in the Kaieteur Block offshore Guyana, with proven reserves of 65 million barrels of oil.

Ratio Petroleum currently holds petroleum interests in three different basins on opposite sides of the world: Guyana, Morocco Atlantic, and the East Palawan Basin in the Philippines. The total area of Ratio Petroleum’s petroleum interests is approx. 130,000 sq km. The Partnership continues to search for more assets and investment opportunities around the world.

The partners of Ratio Petroleum are some of the world’s leading energy companies, including ExxonMobil, Hess, ONHYM.

The Partnership made an IPO in 2017, and it is traded on the leading indices of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, including the Oil & Gas Exploration Index.

Key milestones


Application filed for an offshore exploration license in Block B (later the “Kaieteur Block”) in Guyana.


Exploration license in Guyana received


Winning of Philippines government tender for an exploration license

January 2017

Ratio Petroleum issued on the TASE


20% of the interests in Block 47 in Suriname purchased


Awarded an SC76 exploration license in the Philippines, following winning a tender in 2016

August 2018

Drilling commences of the Tanager-1 exploration well in the Kaieteur Block in Guyana

December 2020

Discovery in the Tanager-1 well in Guyana


Drilling of Goliathberg Voltzberg North-1 (GVN-1) in Block 47 in Suriname. No indications of significant quantities of oil were found in the well.

The Government of Morocco granted Ratio exclusive rights to study and research in the Dakhla Atlantique Block

In recent years, the Partnership has also operated in Malta, Ireland,  the North Sea and Suriname